A graduate of FAMU, the Prague Film Academy, Michael Havas made his first film in 1972 and was immediately awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Award in New Zealand.

Since then he has worked on over 50 films shot in more than 20 countries and worked with personalities such as Jan Švankmajer, Sir Peter Ustinov, Ester Krumbachová, Josef Svoboda, Axel Corti, Peter Gabriel and Michael Frayn.

There have been many international awards won in Australia, the Czech Republic, France, Japan, New Zealand, the UK and the USA.

Havas´ films explore the drama of discovery and knowledge and tend to disregard classical categories.

Kambodschas Grosses Wasser – Unterwegs auf dem Tonle Sap

Where the Fish Sleep in the Trees – Life on Cambodia´s Tonle Sap

The Sons of Tu-Mata-Uenga

Liechtenstein – a Princely Heritage

Ludwig I of Bavaria:
 Ich habe so gerne regiert.

The Cosmic Triangle

Liquid Rock

Spears! Jan Zelezny´s Golden Decade