MICHAEL HAVAS was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1947 but left the country with his parents in 1948. He grew up in New Zealand where he graduated with honours from the University of Auckland in 1968 with an M.A. in German and English literature.

1969-71 Swiss Federal Scholarship, University of Zürich. Post graduate studies.

1971-79 Studied film-making at FAMU, the Prague Academy of Musical Arts at Charles University. All aspects of film and TV production. Graduated in 1979 with the equivalent of an MA in Documentary Film Making.

Since 1972 Michael Havas has written, directed or produced over 50 films, many of which have received international awards. 

TV Networks he has worked for include BBC Bristol, Channel 4, the Discovery Channel, TV New Zealand, Condor Features Zürich, Nomad Films International Australia, Czech TV, ARD, ZDF, ORF, Swiss TV, MTV Europe, Beyond Films Australia, Ravensburger Film and TV Germany, Koninck International London, Lumen Films Paris etc.

Michael Havas lives and works in Prague in the Czech Republic. He is fluent in English, German, Czech and can get by in several other languages.